About Us

Philosophy and Values

We believe in now. Our autonomy, stability, and solidarity are the core of our splendid reputation and financial success; and these values, continue to empower us. We balance this pride in the work that we do with humility and a desire for ongoing devotion to our Elders, their families, our own families, each other, and the greater community. Right livelihood is expressed through the ongoing cultivation of these core relationships

We are receptive to change, new ideas, and challenges; and we mature from our disappointments. With faith, we welcome each day for the opportunity it brings. We honor this belief in our recognition of the arts, diverse cultures and lifestyles in our communities. We concede that we are judged by the way we treat others and pride ourselves in the quality of life we give our Elders. This conduct binds us to all care partners devoted to understanding and untangling the web of Alzheimer’s disease/dementia for that Elder.

Mission Statement

We at Vista Living Communities declare; that we are the catalyst for the Evolution of Care! We have created the art of care giving, which is holistic in nature, cutting edge, and a nontraditional ambiance exclusively for those undergoing the journey of Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia.

We are committed to change the culture of care with respect, passion, creativity, empathy, joy and integrity. We are an intentional peaceful place, we are traditional in values, and we are non traditional in approach. We are home. We embrace real life. Our energies will sustain and honor a healthy and positive journey with our Elders and their families.