Arbors Leadership


MichaelMichael Manzanares, Business Office Manager, is no stranger to our Arbors family, and is one of the most tenured and respected employees of 14 successful years, and is a native of our historic Old Mesilla. Mr. Manzanares knows how to climb ranks by demonstrating team work, interpersonal skills, and leadership at his former employers as with Arbors, where is now our Business Office Manager. As a young man Michael climbed quickly with the SEARs Corporation from tire technician, to crew chief, to Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanic, and customer service representative. He has also mentored troubled juveniles, possesses Law Enforcement certifications & training with the New Mexico State Police Reserve, & NM Mounted Patrol as a Sargent, where he was assigned services for Former President George W. Bush. Michael is a dedicated husband and father demonstrated by extensive involvement with Girl Scouts in all their activities including cookie sales and distribution! He actively volunteers with the LCPD, at annual dog days, Alzheimer’s Association, Men who Cook, the Whole Enchilada, and Immaculate Heart of Mary Cathedral; hobbies include photography, bicycling, hiking, fishing, camping, fire arm safety, and enduro care racing.


Vanessa Bost, Nurse, is oCaptureur very own peppy, fun, incredibly smart and multi-dimensional Arbors nurse! She was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to the beautiful Las Cruces area to pursue her nursing career. Vanessa loves the multi cultures found in our beautiful and great state of New Mexico. Vanessa has been a nurse for over a decade and has worked in all areas of nursing from pediatrics to geriatrics, including mental health and hospice. Vanessa is a proud Mother to her son, 3 brothers that she has raised, and her loving husband who is always by her side.

Vanessa is at her best while helping others, and has been in the medical field since she was in high school. She placed at the top nationally (10th student of all 50 states) with the Health Occupations Students of America, HOSA. HOSA, an international student organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division, enhances the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of health & science education to students. Also during high school, Ms. Bost earned certifications as a nursing assistant (CNA), home health aide certification (CHHA) and served as the health unit secretary. Vanessa has had a passion for caring for the elderly and their families ever since. She is a reiki practitioner, wellness coach, and energy worker and values holistic alternatives. Vanessa values and practices the “hugs before drugs” concept, but also understands the latter are necessary to for comfort. Vanessa sees the elder as a whole and focuses on catering to each elders’ individual mental, spiritual, and emotional state to ensure that they are balanced and in good spirits despite their relentless loss of memory. Vanessa is also a personal chef and loves to cook. Vanessa also has a passion for cognitive behavioral therapy and metaphysics which helps in her field of nursing.

Vanessa loves the outdoors. She enjoys traveling and going anywhere surrounded by woods, and water. Vanessa also loves making natural skin care products and has written a book dedicated to her mother.

“The Arbors of Del Rey is where I want to be and grow. In this field of work, it is not only about the Elders but also about their families who become part of our Arbors family. My goal is to help them feel connected and secure and bring joy into their moment.”