Family & Professional Letters

Please take a moment to read just a few of the many letters of appreciation from our families. We take great pride in caring for our Elders and consider it a great honor to be trusted in doing so by their loved ones.  We hope these letters provide a small glimpse into our passion for caring for our special population.

“I was so impressed with the care she received.” Read More

“To all the beautiful and special people at Arbors…” Read More

“The Arbors is unlike any other similar facility I have known.” Read More

“First, let me thank you for the wonderful, compassionate and loving care…” Read More

“I would like to express my admiration and gratitude for all the caregivers at The Arbors.” Read More

“I want to thank you all for your tremendous support of my husband.” Read More

“Thank you so much for the basket of food you sent this Christmas.” Read More

“…I am at peace knowing my mom is loved and being well cared for at The Arbors of Del Rey.” Read More

“Everyone works very hard and is very loving and caring with all the residents.” Read More

“…I see how content he is and how much the staff care about him and I know he is in the best place he can be.” Read More

“Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.” Read More

“Thank you for all the special attention you showed…” Read More

“Your thoughtfulness is so greatly appreciated.” Read More

“The staff is very friendly and helpful to both their patients and their visitors.” Read More

“Words cannot possibly convey my enormous gratitude for you…” Read More

“Bless you all for the wonderful care…” Read More

The facility is always clean. The residents are clean and cared for quite well.” Read More

“Your professionalism, guided by love for the Elders, shines through each time we visit, announced or not.” Read More

“We have so many people to thank at The Arbors for their integrity, pride in work, dedication, devotion, patience, kindness, friendliness, and genuineness while caring for a very difficult segment of America’s population – those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.” Read More

“…you’ve shown respect, attention and genuine interest in his well-being.” Read More

“This non-institutional like free standing facility exudes light, safety and ambiance.” Read More

“We have found that The Arbors has been uniquely different in that what we anticipated through stories we had heard from other care facilities and simply looking at what the needs of our parents are and what is provided at The Arbors.” Read More

“It has been such a great relief to me for the years that my mom has been there to know the good care she is receiving and that she is being treated with respect and dignity.” Read More

“Nobody could have done a better job. We put our trust in you and we are grateful for what you did for mom.” Read More

“…I will always keep all of you in my prayers and thoughts for the love you gave and still give to the much needed work that you do.” Read More

“They need a place that offers what cannot be bought for any amount of money. They need compassion, caring and individual time spent only on them. This is what we found at Arbors.” Read More