Family & Professional Letters

Please take a moment to read just a few of the many letters of appreciation from our families. We take great pride in caring for our Elders and consider it a great honor to be trusted in doing so by their loved ones.  We hope these letters provide a small glimpse into our passion for caring for our special population.

“It is clear to me that Mom is in excellent hands.” Read More

“My strong belief is that Sierra Vista is a wonderful community resource and you can’t beat the administration.” Read More

“You have also been amazing in providing counseling and support to all the members of our family.” Read More

“She indeed blossomed after she settled in there. For instance, I did not know how much she loved the singing and that she knew all of the words to all of those old popular songs and hymns.” Read More

“This letter is to express my thanks, my appreciation and my admiration for the loving care that you – each and every one of you – have extended to my loved one. I can’t imagine a warmer or more sensitive environment.” Read More

“I shall always think back with gratitude for all you did for her and the kindness you showed me when I came to visit…” Read More

“It is as though a great burden has been lifted from our hearts and minds. The staff at Sierra Vista are professional and caring.” Read More

“Moving to Sierra Vista was not only a revelation, it was like having a heavy weight lifted off of our hearts. The revelation was that you could provide care for these elders with compassion and respect.” Read More

“The work you do at Sierra Vista is unique, provides some of the best care I have ever seen, and has helped my mother to be the happiest she has been since we moved her here to Santa Fe.” Read More

“I write to you out of deep gratitude and admiration for the beautiful home environment you have created and maintain for the care of elders such as my mother.” Read More

“…I was looking for a place that was more intimate, a place that felt like home and that is exactly the feeling I had when I toured Sierra Vista.” Read More

“We are writing this letter, during this season of Thanksgiving, to express our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to the Sierra Vista community for the outstanding services that you have provided to our loved one…” Read More

“The small size of Sierra Vista and the fabulous staff really made this the perfect residence for our mother.” Read More

“It takes people with unusual generosity, empathy, and patience to care for those who face the last stage of their lives with diminished and decreasing mental capacity. Everyone at Sierra Vista demonstrated these qualities every time we were there.” Read More

“When we consider the entire scope of your jobs and accompanying responsibilities, we firmly believe you are offering your residents and families the highest quality care to be found.” Read More