The Arbors

3731 Del Rey Blvd.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

(575) 382-5200

We pride ourselves in creating a positive, loving, holistic approach.

The Arbors is non-institutional. 

It is a house of stature, versatility, dimension, and quality.

Our peaceful home provides Elders an environment to enjoy the simple daily pleasures of life, including the beauty of our solarium, where they practice potting while listening to the music of our Cockatiel, Lucy.  Our Art Studio provides opportunity for them to draw, paint and mold clay on our potters wheel. Annually, our elders jump into spring by welcoming chicks and ducklings. Everyone loves the peeps of a baby chick and quacks of a duckling!

Regularly scheduled outings to interesting places in the community, as well as quarterly gatherings promoting quality time with family, other residents, and staff, are just the beginning of the activities that revolve around the needs of those with memory loss. Entertainment often includes games, sing-a-longs, dancing, and musical presentations. Birthdays and holidays are always a priority at the Arbors.


We were crafted virtually by heart, and we are invested with a level of integrity that truly is rare. At the Arbors we focus on each elder’s abilities, not disabilities, and our home is the perfect alternative to clinical, hotel-like complexes. Our research and solid history have proven if an elder with dementia is unable to function at home, they are likely not able to function independently, even with minimal care, in an apartment setting.

At The Arbors,

we focus on the elders' abilities, not disabilities. 

The Arbors is a Zen-like retreat with inspiring views looking east to the Organ Mountains and west to the Mesilla Valley.  A non-institutional house of stature, versatility, dimension, and quality, it is yet without pretense. Our uncomplicated decor uses clearly defined spaces to give elders a sense of meaning, comfort, and home.

At the Arbors, the days are filled with laughter, music, and healing as well as management-oriented activities targeted specifically to fill the elder's remaining opportunities to be involved in life and living it to the fullest. To experience joy, engage in life’s simple pleasures, and tap in to abilities such as reminiscence are regular experiences at the Arbors. Meeting the residents' daily needs, such as housekeeping and home-cooked meals and snacks, as well as a licensed RN on call 24 hours for some medical needs, the staff focuses on innovative, nonconfrontational care and daily scheduled activities for our elders suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related illnesses.

  • Companion & private rooms
  • Personal care assistance with bathing, eating, hygiene, grooming and dressing
  • Transportation and escort to and from medical and dental appointments
  • Secure environment with a full-time art director guiding our elders through life’s simple pleasures
  • Medication management.
  • Consulting pharmacist
  • One-on-one time between elders and remote family members using Skype
  • Industry leading care-partner ratios excluding five full-time onsite managers

Arbors Staff

Michael Manzanares

Rose Korell

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(575) 382-5200

3731 Del Rey Boulevard
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