Our homes are very intentional in many ways. From ensuite bathroom availability to simple rooms, we’ve utilized our 20+ years of experience caring for elders living with dementia to intentionally design our structures and program. We have learned many families ask questions based on their own wants, what mom or dad has had before or what they think they still need, not taking into account the changing needs throughout the dementia journey.  Most questions don’t get to the heart of what we do, and that is providing safe, unconditional, loving care to elders who need it most. After 20+ years of dedicated work with those living with Dementia, we have heard it all, but there are a handful of questions that are rarely asked, which we feel are among the most important.  This is a short list of what we call Not-So-Frequently-Asked-Questions.  Below you will find the common FAQ’s.

When is the right time? 

Every family’s story is different, but we believe it is best to transition before arrangements become impractical and dangerous for all involved. Many people delay because of guilt, grief, and promises made. However, postponing can take its toll on our elders and caregivers, straining the relationship and even leading to emergency admissions in the case of  serious injuries and/or caregiver health issues. While you may think your loved one is “not at that stage yet”, we recommend making these decisions while you still have time, options, and clarity of mind.

What is the caregiver-to-elder ratio?

What type or training does the staff get?

Is there management/leaderhip presence on weekends?

Is someone going to be there when my loved one has a bad dream in the middle of the night? 

How often is the Executive Director involved in elder care? How often do they communicate with families?

Is ownership engaged in the business?

What support is available for families?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Making the transition

I’m afraid my loved one will not fit in. 

Can I talk to other families who have someone at VLC?

2. Life in our homes

What’s included?

Will they have a private room?

What food is available? Can you honor my food restrictions? 

What activities and field trips are available?

Can we bring all our own stuff?

Can my loved one have a phone or TV in their room?

Can I bring my own caregiver?

How often can I visit? What are visiting hours?

Can my loved one stay in the home until the end of their life?

3. Our team of caregivers

Is there a nurse or doctor in-house? 

How are the staff being treated? What kind of benefits do they have? Are they happy?

What’s the staff tenure? How long has the staff been on board? 

4. Payment

What is your pricing model?

Will healthcare insurance cover it? 

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