Zoom Instructions

Do not try to access Zoom from your smartphone, use computer or laptop if possible.

You do not need to download Zoom or create an account in order to join a Zoom meeting


To join a Zoom meeting, simply click the link sent to you from the host or enter the Meeting ID provided by the host.


The link will take you straight into the zoom meeting, but first it will ask for you to provide your name to be displayed during the meeting.


When joining the video meeting, it will show a preview of your video that will be displayed.

  • If you would like it to display your video, click on ‘Join with video’.
  • If you would not like your video to be displayed, click ‘Join without video’ and simply your name will be displayed during the meeting.


Next it will ask if you how you would like to connect your  audio. 


Click on the blue button ‘Join with computer audio’

  • Make sure that the volume on your computer is turned up so that you can hear the other people in the meeting.
  • Now you should be in the meeting, everyone should be able to hear and see you, and you should see and hear them.
  • At the bottom of your screen you will see a tool bar with options like this:

To turn your video on (so people can see you) click the ‘Start Video’ icon on the bottom left side. To turn your video off (so people can’t see you) click the same button again, it will now say ‘Stop Video’.

It is proper etiquette to mute your audio when you aren’t speaking so that there isn’t background noise. To mute, click on the microphone icon to the left of the video icon. To unmute yourself when you are going to speak, click this icon again, or hold down the space bar.

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