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About Vista Hermosa

The most recent addition to our Vista Living Care homes is our small and cozy bungalow located in historical Santa Fe with the perfect setting for our innovative, nonclinical approach to elder care. Vista Hermosa specializes in helping frail, non- to mild-dementia residents needing day-to-day care and reminders. Our team of professionals creates an intentional, welcoming environment and an insurmountable love for the 14 elders inside.

Our small home excels at creating a nurturing, joyful place for elders to have the help they need to thrive each day.

Our small home excels at creating a nurturing, joyful place for elders to have the help they need to thrive each day. Vista Hermosa is able to embrace clinical care for frail elders, provide exceptional palliative care while being a home where life is well lived. We are able to meet elders where they are as individuals at all phases of life. Our elders laugh, cook, dance, and are loved.

You could be greeted by two very happy dogs, many live houseplants, chirping birds, fat goldfish, happy elders, and smiling staff.  Vista Hermosa is the house that intention, love, and commitment built.

Our peaceful home provides Elders an environment to enjoy the simple daily pleasures of life, including the beauty of our solarium, where they practice potting while listening to the music of our Cockatiel, Lucy.  Our Art Studio provides opportunity for them to draw, paint and mold clay on our potters wheel. Annually, our elders jump into spring by welcoming chicks and ducklings. Everyone loves the peeps of a baby chick and quacks of a duckling!

Regularly scheduled outings to interesting places in the community, as well as quarterly gatherings promoting quality time with family, other residents, and staff, are just the beginning of the activities that revolve around the needs of those with memory loss. Entertainment often includes games, sing-a-longs, dancing, and musical presentations. Birthdays and holidays are always a priority at the Arbors.


We were crafted virtually by heart, and we are invested with a level of integrity that truly is rare. At the Arbors we focus on each elder’s abilities, not disabilities, and our home is the perfect alternative to clinical, hotel-like complexes. Our research and solid history have proven if an elder with dementia is unable to function at home, they are likely not able to function independently, even with minimal care, in an apartment setting.

Vista Hermosa Staff

Amanda Aragon

 Amanda lives in a small town called Velarde which is located in Northern New Mexico. She enjoys spending my time with her husband Arturo, stepson Angel who is 11 years old and her daughter Analicia who is 2 years old. A couple of hobbies that she enjoys are camping with her loved ones and playing with her kids. She has worked with the elderly community since she was 18 years old and cannot imagine herself doing anything else. She believes our elders are our roots that have helped pave our future and that we owe it to our elders to care for them. She aspires to become a good leader and to strive to do her best to ensure the happiness of our elders, staff, and families at Vista Hermosa.

Dolores Avalos

Dolores, also known as Lolis originated in Mexico, where her humble family worked their way to a better future. She moved to Santa Fe, NM at the age of seven, where she grew up and continues to live today. Dolores graduated high school in 2017, and then went on to receive a phlebotomy certification and become a Licensed Nursing Assistant. She is currently in the process of becoming a licensed nurse, where she can put her years of experience in the health field to good use. She enjoys spending time with her family - they mean everything to her. She also enjoys nature and any form of community service. She considers herself a kind, hard-working person, who is dedicated and determined to help others.

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​2929 Calle Vera Cruz
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