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Photo of Luke Nachtrab

Luke Nachtrab


Photo of Ruth Dennis

Ruth is the heart of Sierra Vista.  She has provided emotional support and education for a myriad of families, professionals, colleges, and universities eager to learn about all forms of dementia, specifically Alzheimer's, and about those facing memory challenges. She ensures that our elders' lives are rich and our homes are filled with art, music, dance, books, laughter and wholesome food. To name a few, Ms. Dennis, during her tenure with Vista Living Communities, has shared her expertise with the New Mexico Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, the New Mexico Conference on Aging, and the Dementia Arts Conference, and has served as a panelist for the Self-Care Revolution via Santa Fe Soul, and the Christus St. Vincent palliative care conferences. She is also a founding member of the “Community at Residence” through the Museums of New Mexico, Site Santa Fe, and the Santa Fe Opera. Ruth has spoken at numerous radio shows, including NPR’s Fresh Air, and juried traveling national art exhibitions. Ms. Dennis’s work history has also included work with National Endowment for the Arts--funded grants for the Bemis Foundation and the MexiArts Grant.


Ruth implements creativity and healing programs for gifted and at-risk children, recovery programs, and transitional homes that serve homeless and mentally ill adults, and elders facing dementia. In 2016, Ruth’s biography was selected from countless applications from around the world to present at the Eden Alternative International Conference, which was held in Little Rock, Arkansas, and presented at the National Conference of American Art Therapists in 2017.  Ruth fuses her life as a painter, cook, gardener, and most of all, sister and primary caregiver to her brother, Morgan, who has Down syndrome. Morgan is her hero and will always be her greatest teacher.

Photo of Charlene Nicholas

Charlene Nicholas


Charlene, a Virginia native who moved to Sylvania, Ohio, over 10 years ago to begin her career with Northaven Development Group, is responsible for leading and directing the Corporate Accounting Office on all accounting functions. With her tenure, she has worked and progressed in all aspects of the various businesses and has played an instrumental role in the project development of our processes and procedures. Her accounting strengths and ambition led her to advance into the controller position in 2017.

Charlene loves to help others and is an excellent problem solver. She is always able to figure out the most efficient way to get a project completed and uses the latest technology to advance our processes. Her positive attitude and personality create a welcoming environment for all our employees and customers.

Charlene is married to her very supportive husband Curtiss and is the mom of two beautiful girls, Aubrey and Morgan. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Corporate Accounting with the goal to obtain her CMA certification from Arizona State University. When not at work, she enjoys traveling and having dance parties in her living room with her family.

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Photo of Joey Nachtrab

Joey Nachtrab

Video Creator & Editor

Joey is Luke’s son.  He lives in Sylvania, Ohio where he was born and attends St. Joseph Parish School. He has fond memories of Las Cruces where he visited White Sands, Red River and Taos where he skied and went sledding and Santa Fe where he has enjoyed great food, hiking, skiing and graduated Kindergarten. He loves spending time with the elders in the homes and FaceTime when possible. Now he creates the videos for the website and other social media platforms as Vista’s Video Creator. Outside of work Joey loves school, soccer, mountain biking, basketball, skiing, climbing, hiking, and being a big brother to his two sisters, Kate and Molly.

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